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The WhirlyBird uses three methods to frighten birds. Shaped like a Peregrine Falcon, (the most feared bird of prey) it deceives them into thinking a predator is in their vicinity as it rotates in the wind making a vibrating noise.

The holographic section causes it to continually flash in the sunlight.
Yes. The wings of the Whirlybird are designed to catch the prevailing wind and spin. It operates in anything above a gentle breeze and has been continually tested in winds up to 70 mph.
It continually changes as it spins producing different sounds, vibrations and reflections which scare pest birds away and, over time, changes their perching and roosting habits.
With changes in wind speed and sunlight, the sounds, vibrations and reflections produced by the WhirlyBird Repeller continuously change, preventing birds from becoming acclimatised. The WhirlyBird keeps pest birds off- guard.
Wherever birds are a problem and where there is a prevailing wind, such as coastal areas, large fields, and higher elevations.
Our customers are benefiting and finding the WhirlyBird is effective at keeping nuisance birds off their docks, decking, navigational aids, boats , communications towers, hotels, resorts, outside dining areas, chemical & petroleum refineries, commercial & industrial buildings, bridges, vineyards, farms, and other agricultural settings.
The Whirlybird Repeller works best in windy areas and when installed at least 2 - 3 meters above the area where the nuisance birds are. Because of differences in bird habitats and behaviour, you may need to experiment with height, location, and available wind for maximum effect. We recommend that you install the WhirlyBirds when there is a breeze, so that the first time the birds see it the WhirlyBird is spinning, wobbling and reflecting light. This will help deter the birds from the start.
The Whirlybird Repeller repels birds in an area approximately 4 meters x 4 meters when mounted at a height over 2 metres. For larger areas, more than one WhirlyBird Repeller will be needed. Experience has demonstrated that the higher WhirlyBirds are installed the more effective they are. You should consider this when deciding the number of WhirlyBirds required. If you would like any help please just contact us we would be pleased to assist you.
The WhirlyBird comes complete with a mounting base for simple installation on flat surfaces and a stainless steel eye bolt for hanging from a structure. The WhirlyBird also comes with a 3/4″ BSP, PVC threaded connector that will allow you to easily remove and reinstall the Whirlybird Repeller should you wish. The 10'' extension pipe can also be used to assist in mounting to a vertical surface. The WhirlyBird can be installed at greater heights using larger diameter pipe see accessories. There are numerous other ways to install the WhirlyBird, some of which are set forth in the Installation Instructions and some of which are shown on our website’s Photo Gallery. We would be pleased to answer any installation questions you may have It is important for the WhirlyBird to be mounted plumb (i.e. vertical) and we recommend that you glue the slip connectors to the pipes using PVC pipe cement following the cement manufacturer’s instructions.
The WhirlyBird can be attached to a pulpit, pushpit or hand rail using a standard marine antenna mount see accessories. It can be mounted on a flat surface using the base provided. If you need to adjust the angle on a flat or vertical surface this can be achieved using an adjustable antenna mount see accessories. The mounting union provides a quick release and provision to fit an extension pole. The stainless steel eye bolt enables the Whirlybird to be hung in the rigging.
This is not a problem. We can provide you with all that is required for a freestanding 2.5 meter WhirlyBird base. Or although some materials sizes are not readily available we are quite happy to assist you in the selection of what is required for you to purchase from your local store.
The WhirlyBird is maintenance free, but there are things you can do to extend its life and effectiveness over time. If birds are a problem only during certain times of the year, remove and store your WhirlyBird. Depending on the location, dirt and grime may form on the clear plastic surface and around the Teflon bushing, which can diminish the Whirlybird's, ability to freely spin, placing unnecessary wear on the Teflon bushing. We recommend periodic inspection of your WhirlyBird, and if you find a film of dirt and grime, gently rinse the Whirlybird's plastic surfaces and Teflon bushing using mild soap and water.
The WhirlyBird Repeller is only £24.99 inclusive of shipping in main land UK. If you wish to place an order for 10 or more Whirlybirds, please contact us.
The WhirlyBird is 23cm high x 17cm dia with the extension pole mounted in the base it is 60cm high overall the eye bolt. The base is 9cm x 9cm.
The WhirlyBird Repeller is guaranteed for one year from date of purchase, against faulty workmanship or materials. Should you need to make a return please contact us describing the problem and obtain a returns number. This guarantee only covers the WhirlyBird Repeller not accessories and does not include any shipping costs.
Yes. We are confident your WhirlyBird Repeller will safely and effectively deter nuisance birds. Should you have a problem please contact us and we will try to help. Please note that sometimes, a little variation in siting is necessary for optimal results. If you’re still not satisfied for any reason within 45 days of purchase date, please just contact us to explain the problem and obtain a returns number.

Return the Whirlybird with the returns number and letter of explanation and we will refund your full purchase price exclusive of all shipping costs.
Very. You will need to obtain our returns address to know where to forward the items We also do not refund, process or accept any returns without your being able to quote the 'Returns Number'.
Yes. As a peripheral repeller it has proven very effective in an open environment especially with sea birds, due to available wind.
It takes just a moment and is easy to put in place or remove as often as you wish. Not taking up any deck space means the use of the vessel moored or underway is not restricted in any way. It's elegant design does not detract from the lines of the vessel and makes it easy to stow.
Yes. Please see the accessories. If you have a particular requirement. Please just contact us for a solution. We would be pleased to assist.
The WhirlyBird comes with a 10'' extension pole as standard. We also have 30'' extension poles which can be joined together with a coupling to achieve the desired length.
Not at all. Any 1'' outside pole of any material strong enough to do the job will be ok. If you require it, we can supply a special compression connector which suites any material.
No. We would recommend something like a scaffold pole. Please see accessories for scaffold pole end fitting.
The peripheral repeller operates over an open area. Unlike the plastic spikes for example which are more suitable for specific places such as window sills.
No. It operates entirely from the wind.
Yes 'WhirlyBird Repeller' is a trading name of Ideal Item & Product Ltd.
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